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This tutorial will show you how to develop a script for the new European standards requesting consent of users regarding cookies. We will see how to verify the presence of a cookie and create one.

This tutorial aims to explain how to do to make the ReCaptcha security code from Google responsive. Indeed, by default, the robot checking module is not

This function allows you to insert tabs in a textarea when you press the TAB key on your keyboard.

This library will help you CSS to display keyboard shortcuts. It is light and very fast to run.

This tutorial will show you how to format a string in PHP. Here we talk about line breaks, hyphenation, spaces, upper and lower case.

This tutorial aims to show you how to use and configure the CRON function on the new interface of the OVH shared servers.

This tutorial will enable the user to enable or disable the automatic resizing textarea based on add-on jQuery Autosize.

This tutorial will explain to you how to have div with rounded corners using CSS. We also provide a tool to generate automatically the CSS code.

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