Generator of CSS background patterns

This tool can generate CSS background patterns. If you want a background pattern on a div or your site without using a picture but only with CSS code, it is possible.
This can reduce the number of files sent to the browser and speed up the loading of your site. This is a very important parameter to improve the SEO of your site! We must not neglect it.

Our tool is basic but you can always edit the CSS code generated to suit your specific needs. Currently, it is possible to generate striped patterns, polka dots and checkered.

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CSS code

How to use

The script is very easy to use.
Simply change the name of the .demo with the class of your div. Then you have to copy the CSS code generated after, above, at the end of your CSS.
It is advisable to apply it after calling up other styles which may overwrite settings.

If you add a border to the div using the pattern, it is possible that you have to change the formatting. Indeed, the shift implied by the border can change the point of origin to generate the pattern.


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